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Amazing lol!Posted by John Cho 2016-10-10

*To.Robtop I have original one and demo. I like this cuz u can move around the data! THNX roptop ;) *지랄하시는 유저분들께: 님들아, 님들 폰에 문제가있던가 님들이 못하는거 ㅋㅋ 그리고 아무리 욕해봤자 제작자는 신경도 안씀 (제작자 미국인 ㅋㅋ 님들 지랄 하는거 이해못함 호구아님? ㅋ) 정 싫으면 정품을 사던가. 정품 $1.99 밖에 안한다 님들아, 여기와서 지랄하지말고 딴데가서 놀으삼. *예절바른유저분들! 정품은 광고 안나오니까 그거 사시는거 권장해요!! 다른 서비스나 아이콘도 데모보다 훨씬더 많고 캡잼!

Wow....Posted by Katie Anderson 2016-10-15

I love the game, yet I give it only 1 star because it likes to mess itself up. What I mean by this is, that when I'm playing, and I could be nearing an above my average percentage during the round, I will quickly tap the screen to indicate that I want to jump, yet it doesn't jump, AND I DIE! I think the software of it needs to be updated so that it can't screw anyone else's game up, otherwise, it is an addictive game, but I really DON'T want to go back if there isn't something to be done about the glitches.

Worst game everPosted by 2016-10-09

Geamotry dash is so dumb and stupid I'm angry because I keep dying five nights at freddy's is so much better I have fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 and five nights at candy's and my favirot charecters in fnaf 1 is foxy my favorite charecters in fnaf 2 is mangle and mangles a girl!!and my favirot charecters in fnaf 3 is nobody everybody's stupid in fnaf 3 and fnaf 4 is the scariest but my favirot charecters in fnaf 4 is nightmare mangle and in five nights at candy's is ...candy and candy's a boy and Cindy's a g

whoop whoop amazeballz Posted by 2016-10-10

I love this game its challenging yet fun at the same time at first i was confused because i had never played it but after a few go's i was fine. The music is fab it helps you by the beat so u know when to jump. ppl are saying its OK just because of the adds (turn ya WiFi off) and about having to pay for the full version just for the extra things the inventor deserve the money for make a truly awesome game just be great full u could download the game for free. Huge congratulations to the inventor big

I love it ❤❤❤❤Posted by Natalee Barnum 2016-10-16

It's such a time waster it's just awesome I know that it's some people might think it's angering but I think it's you because it's kind of like when you're at an obstacle course and you have to jump and flip and all that type of crazy stuff and then you know what you do the next round and you will know what to do when you have to redo it and if you redo it it is amazing and I gave it a 5 out of 5 Star way because it's awesome thank you for making this game whoever made it❤

EASY GAME!!!!Posted by Eddy Gomez 2016-10-14

THIS IS THE EASIEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED I'LL BEAT THIS IN 9 HOURS MY 5 YEAR OLD BROTHER CAN BEAT THIS Put more effort in this game I have try ed all of these type of game and the graphics are cool but the effort put into this is easy to pass put like some 10 more levels in the and it will take me like 3 days to beat it and the effort plz make it harder plz this is easy nobody agrees with me cause I am good at this game there is a lot of these types of games!!!!!!!!!

Fun and addictivePosted by Famie Pearce 2016-10-14

So, it's so fun and awesome and hi it's amazing and addictive, I just wanna say thank you for making such great games for the world to play, I thank god everyday that we have such amazing people like you, but there is one thing I ask....... Make more levels but harder, I beat all of them except I got to 98 percent on the last one, so make more, but make them harder, Please. Thank You! Sincerely, . . Me

OMG people fix your probsPosted by Jason Moser-wilcox 2016-10-08

Every time I want to stop jumping I let go of the you know what and it keeps jumping OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AddictingPosted by Patrick Wallace 2016-10-15

This is one of my favorite games on my phone. Every day I have to play, and sometimes it's almost impossible to stop. I really think you'll have a great time with this app because it's one of those skill games.....you know the games you have to think on, and for me I love to challenge myself. So if you're one of those kind of people.....play on!

AwesomePosted by DJ_420campo 2016-10-11

It's addicting af is is sometimes frustrating but it teaches kids or other people that we learn from are mistakes. This is the type of game that gets you mad but makes learn at the same time. Mistakes always happen in life and we learn from that. This is a perfect example. Also this makes you say this sometimes which is "ohh"

Geometry dashPosted by Keith Bennett 2016-10-07

This is one of the best games in the whole world. Sometimes there are ads that are very annoying and I am hoping they could fix it but over all that this is a very good game and you should get this game and don't get the impossible dash because that game sucks and it is a bad copy of Geometry Dash

Addictive but in a good wayPosted by tracy barnett 2016-10-04

It's a great game, the music always gets me into the gaming mode and makes me work harder to try and best a level. And although it is quite addictive when you are so close to beating a level and then you just......don't, it doesn't distract me from getting things done which is a plus

Awesome but lagsPosted by nancy bernal 2016-10-12

This games awesome but lags pretty much almost every time.But I love the music and levels.Hope you add more levels!Keep up the good work guys!Oh and can you try to add more levels in geometry dash meltdown.I completed all the levels and gets boring overtime.But still.Awesome game!!

Posted by Mya Reed 2016-10-11

Best game ever ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!#awesome

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very veryPosted by Sans Ational 2016-10-14

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very hard and fun=) save me from this game =( just kitten im really not kitten hhhhheeeelllllpppppppp ok bye *in very very innocent asain girl voice*

Unpredictable and Fun!Posted by Emily Hansen 2016-10-16

This is like the greatest running game of all time!! It's like a rage game at times, but other that that, this game is fun, challenging, and has great music that helps you know when to jump!!! You can also edit your own character and space ship! It's amazing!!!!!!!!

Posted by Angelina Quinones 2016-10-10

ITS AWESOME SAUCE!!!!The music is epic and it keeps me focused.Even tho i only completed the 1st one im still trying.I have completed practice mode of only half of them but at least i get a preveiw before i actually do the lvls.Anyways,Keep up the good work RobTop!!

Good game but one problemPosted by Chassidy Juniel 2016-10-06

This game is so amazing it has so many icons and places to play like xstep that's my favorite one but there's one problem when I tried to put in my user it didn't work that's all bye I rate this game FIVE STARS for being awesome bye love the game creater

FunPosted by 2016-10-05

Its a perfect balance between challenging and fun. I love it. The other geometry dash games are great too. Whether you're an expert wanting more challenges or a beginner trying to get the hang of it. My whole family has at least one version of geometry dash.

So funPosted by Miku Fandom 2016-10-14

It's challenging, addictive, an amazing time killer! Life hack: if you use up all your data, go somewhere with wi-fi and get this. You don't need internet to play it, so you can play this when you're bored at school! Not that I've done that...heh....heh....

Posted by 2016-10-10

All of the levels are cool and all diferent types of characters and I think it is soo cool I am going to buy the whole pack and I'm only 12 years old they have good a nd cool shapes and and and harder levels and I like being challenged to hard game

Here comes the time killer!Posted by Dragon oz 2016-10-07

It's the best game yet! Will...I've seen better but still so challenging so leveled so fun! Like just please make more games like this one please! I mean who ever made this game...I just HAVE TO TELL HIM OR HER I loooove this game so so much!!

Awesome!!Posted by Awesomeness Productions 2016-10-09

This game is awesome!!! It has cool music, the overall idea is fun, and the game itself is again awesome!! I totes recommend you to download this game and it has awesome graphics!! This is way more than what I could ask for in a game!

Geometry Dash is a really cool game!Posted by 2016-10-15

I downloaded Geometry Dash because I saw Jacksepticeye play it, and it looked like it would be a pretty good game. But I'm not very good at it. I'm starting off trying to unlock all the icons and colors. But it is a really cool game!

Fun but irritatingPosted by Sky The Dragon 2016-10-16

This game is really fun, and I love the music, but there's too many ads and its really difficult. I dont like the auto placed checkpoints, only because half of them are in places where you can't jump before running inyoa spike.

Awesome but....Posted by Jamie Gomes 2016-10-09

Fun game with lots of challenge's and I would recommend it to my friend's but the only reason I didn't give it five stars is because it contains a lot of annoying adds. But if you don't mind adds then you should download it. :)

So addicting!Posted by Jenna Cobb 2016-10-09

I can't stop playing this game!! It's so fun! It's really challenging and you're so happy when you pass a level!! You should really download this game. There is kind of a lot of ads but I think the game kind of makes up for it.

Lol loved itPosted by ChrisChrishelle Norton 2016-10-10

I love it i just hate when people try copying it but robtop your amazing!!!! The music helps me time my jumps the levels wow the names really gives it away!!!! But best of all the levels are alway a new challenge wowow!!!

I love this gamePosted by 2016-10-04

I love the challenging levels. I love the music. The music actually helps you complete the level. I just wish you guys would have put the geometry dash meltdown levels on here. It would have saved me space and time.

Why people say that this game is hard and that there is too many adsPosted by reddyfu 2016-10-16

It is because robtop or rubrub display ads on lite version but they delete the ads on full version and alsomu dont know that this is easy a f the full version is much more than this and also it very cheap so go buy it

AddictivePosted by mk8 master 2016-10-11

I always play with it in the morning at lunch in the evening and even want to talk and even 20 times when I go to bed so this game is really addictive and it's for players who really want to challenge themselves.

A very addictive game!Posted by 2016-10-05

I love playing this game. It's so addictive as well. It's a really good game to play. I'd recommend it to very patient people, as you simply cannot complete a level in about 100 goes if you're new to this game.

Pretty Good.Posted by Kylee Castaneda 2016-10-09

It is very addicting the only problem is after an ad the music turns off and you can't hear it which is sad because the music is lit. Then after a while it says "unfortunately geometry dash lite has stopped"

AddictingPosted by Dante Halstensen-Umipig 2016-10-12

This game is do addicting and awesome, and btw for the people that want free full version geometry dash its not gonna happen so just shut it. Update: This game is great for the "who can beat it first" game!

Loved it butPosted by Adel Mog 2016-10-06

I loved the game but whenever I play a song the music goes ahead of me you have got to fix that but still love the game for now I'm giving you 4 stars when you guys fix it I will give you 5 stars, OK deal?

Fine gamePosted by Xl Sandman lX 2016-10-09

Only thing I would say and this is nit picking, is that just make sure the music is in perfect sink. Every once and a while I get the song that plays music like 2 seconds late. Makes it a little harder.

How this game is coolPosted by Lili Gomez 2016-10-16

The game is cool because the Guys and the maps.the first map can be hard for beganers but its going to start to get easyer.thats what i like about this game.and i also like this game from the music to.

Yep yepPosted by Awesome Ray Ray 2016-10-09

This came is the best game i every played u guys should think that too because of the beats and the new blocks that u get after u complete a hole board u will unlock somthing new and cool. :) :) :) ¥

AwsomePosted by Angel Afan 2016-10-10

I play it like all the time, and there is so many challenges! Still working on the last level, but I'm sure I'll make it. If the makers of this game is seeing this, I just hope they add another level

Very addictive.Posted by John Bauduin 2016-10-06

I love this game. It is a great way to waste time and also it has some great music that I really appreciate listening to. All in all it is a game I come back to anytime I feel the need for challenge.

Addicting!Posted by Rachel Demille 2016-10-10

I love everything about this game. Music, colors, levels, all of it! It's the one game I keep on my phone even if I go a little while without playing it. I come back and get addicted all over again.

CheatersPosted by Racheal Morales Ficke 2016-10-15

These stupid game cheats me out. It always makes me crash into one of those pokey things and makes me die in purpose but really I tapped go jump and it dont let me jump its makes me die

Favorite gamePosted by FRICKEN amazing blizz 2016-10-06

This is like my fav game in the whole world. It's so fun and addicting who could stay away? Definitely would recommend this to YOU cuz when ur on the road and u got no data it's there

Fun Game!Posted by 2016-10-15

With the colors, music, and overall design of Geometry Dash, I find this game to be very addictive! Anyone who's looking for a great time-killer should download this game instantly!

Love itPosted by SuicidalDøgPrøductiøns 2016-10-10

I completed every single level in 3rd grade and now im in 5th grade and Im still just as good! One thing that annoys me, it takes literally 3 years for a new level to come out .-.

Fell in love with it? Buy the full versionPosted by Fava Hvzal 2016-10-14

Not yet fell in love? Well... go and get fall in love already xD. Srsly, for 5$ less this game have a MASSIVE replayability through it's user created contents (music and levels).

Best Game Ever SeenPosted by Soleil Brown 2016-10-15

"In my opinion, I believe that Geometry Dash Lite is the best game ever created. I can't put money into my Play Store account but this game is just as good as the full version."

Geometry dashPosted by 2016-10-13

It's very fun and I love it and it's a good game and it's not boring and it's a game everybody play's and the levels are really challenging and exciting and interesting and fun

I love the game butPosted by Klohye Collins 2016-10-09

The game is awesome and it's challenging it really fun to play but I hate the AD's so can you fix it it's really annoying when you are in the middle of a game when it happens

Amazing appPosted by bambang nokia 2016-10-08

Loved the app it's so fun to play and the musics are nice and very good graphics but there are to much adds that take over the screen and bring me to the playstore please fix

This game is AMAZING!!!Posted by Mark Angelo Magbojos 2016-10-13

There is so many cool levels that you really want to buy the full version and you get to listen to cool music, even if it will get a little frustrating, still a great game.

IrisPosted by Iris Chen 2016-10-14

It is so adicting I don't care about anything but I just like to play that game my whole life.We'll sorta I still want to go to places and eat candy and more other stuff.

Great Free versionPosted by 2016-10-15

With 2.1 coming I hope Clutterfunk is added to this version to challenge other players. I have the full version on my tablet and it ROCKS. Keep up the good work, Robtop!

Geometry DashPosted by 2016-10-10

This game gave me the courage to play harder games. When I first played this game I thought it was the hardest game in the world. But it is eazy now and I LOVE this game

Great gamePosted by Uniquely Decay 2016-10-07

I think this was a pretty good game. The good thing about this game was that it required a lot of focus which makes it a challenging game which is what I like in a game.

I really wish there would be another update to atleast where we would be able to play levels and makPosted by Dopple Ganger 2016-10-06

Basically i want those things in it because i would loce that if one of those things happened to the lite edition because i don't have any money to get the full version

Great gamePosted by Hater Alert 2016-10-05

So fun but a little challenging but that gives it the intensity of the game. It what makes you come back for more. The only problem I have is the ads. A little to many.

The bestPosted by Maria Garza 2016-10-04

I like it because it's so fun to play with and I finish the whole game and some of them are hard and some of them or not that's how I like it I got all my sisters also

DashPosted by Cyrus Tenorio 2016-10-09

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Posted by Jade Sacco 2016-10-06

Someone said that it too him/her 5 months to pass first level, it took me less than 2 hours. I love it, it keeps me busy when I'm bored and it's just a amazing game.

GoodPosted by QQsabrine Chung 2016-10-12

Sometimes playing this game mades me mad, but I still enjoy playing this game. I wonder why they dont update the app because it says there are more level coming up.

Posted by Dylan Knight 2016-10-12

I love the game, but its dumb that I have to pay for the full version. I'd think you already make enough money off of all the ads that you wouldn't have to do that.

Nice game!Posted by Blake Cox 2016-10-16

I really enjoy the challenge of the later levels, as well as going back and completing new achievements and unlocking new characters/colors. Really well made game!

It is pretty good!Posted by 2016-10-16

It has some cool levels and some pretty good music but it would be pretty cool if you would make some Minecraft heads as characters and some Minecraft theme levels

Yet another cheap rhythm game, frustrating in its implementationPosted by jaydoggy 2016-10-09

In the end this is just another rhythm clone without any personality or heart, just relentless, purposeless difficulty in pursuit of feeding you more ads. Avoid.

this game THE BES!!!!Posted by Tomas Fraser 2016-10-06

It is so good! I have completed the first 5 levels and I play it mainly every chance I get! It is also MUCH MUCH better than meltdown so make that better please!

Hard and challenging.Posted by Nick Williams 2016-10-15

1:unfortunately when I almost get to the very end...I die!!..2: the reason why it's challenging is because the more hard it gets the more challenging it gets...

Best game ever!!Posted by Amy Powell 2016-10-09

I got this game multiple times on my devise and it has always been free! It is a GREAT time killer and it kind of challenging which in my opinion is really fun!

BEST GAME OF 2016-17Posted by 2016-10-04

I think this is one of the most challenging but fun games on the internet. I would recommend that everyone should get this game. This could change many lives.

Love the game!!Posted by Ingve Hetjand 2016-10-15

I love the game. Super addicting and extremely fun! I wish you would make it so you can skip forwards in practice mode, that would make practicing much easier!

IM SO ADDICTEDPosted by Daredevilcody 554 2016-10-10

I'm so addicted to Geometry dash and the creator who made this a special thanks and it's a special gift to kids who know how to play it or just learned thanks.

I like itPosted by Kobey Nguyen 2016-10-09

I like it because it's just addicting ANYWAYS IT AWESOME.I also like it because it just like fun and like anyone would play this

Awesome tunesPosted by Amanda Parry 2016-10-13

It is a really good way to get your mind off of things after a hard days work. The music is awesome and really makes me determined to listen to the whole song

Great GamePosted by Trudi Penguin 2016-10-09

Its really awesome. You can get addicted to it and the amount of attempts it takes to complete the levels makes the completion more satisfactory. Its great

The best game ever yeaPosted by Katleho Lintso 2016-10-08

This game is so addictive I played it this like nobodies business I told some of my friends to download it 2 did others didn't .Thanks for making this game

Challenging game!Posted by Dylan Daniel 2016-10-16

Really difficult to beat levels on normal mode mark my words.. but when you get the hang of it, it's not so bad. Good game for people who like a challenge.

AdsPosted by Satu Karjalainen 2016-10-10

It's pretty awesome but those ads are ****ing stupids cause when i play some level, the ad comes, and the game stops. (I mean level) But It's awesome guys!

AwsomePosted by New Guy 2016-10-15

The music is great, colours, graphics and everything is awsm but one thing. I don't know if it only happens to me that Sometimes the rhythm doesn't match

To awesome to be truePosted by Sandra Steed 2016-10-16

It's one of the greatest games out there and the music amazing the only thing that I would change is the secrets I can't find any but it's still 5 stars

GoodPosted by TGS 2016-10-14

Its relaxing but is also a rage game but i love it especially the muisic dont h8 if you hate it then why you install if you like it your not a h8r peace

Love it!Posted by Amy_Gaming 18 2016-10-12

"I found a lot of secret coins and I completed all of the levels in practice and normal mode, hope the new level is coming soon!" ~much love from Amy~

Much fun!Posted by 2016-10-10

Its a really great game!So good they should make a second!I love this game so much that I would give up on food to play this..(I literally would"!!!)

Best game ever createdPosted by SHRILEX C 2016-10-16

I love this game when ever I'm Bord I play this and can never stop good game dude!!!! And this is coming by a girl!!!! Keep up with the good work!

De Croso śe ñueno de šVÒOSOOOOOOOOOOO!Posted by KillerWolf_ Luna 2017-01-11

Ne bueno šo chekele no bo neuw so wastar de criso cre men dito sa palayaw so kalangan lang jokk lang hahaah de talalog de KOOMOOOOOSTOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

FunPosted by 2016-10-16

It's amazing you can play it all day everyday I never get frustrated with it you should never go through with it because you learn new things on it

It's challenging and funPosted by 2016-10-12

Its very challenging and requires lots of concentration to do.Its a very fun time killer to.The only bad thing is the couple of ads that happen.

Posted by Jilly Gaming 2016-10-13

I hate the regular levels without the checkpoints its so stupid that you have to start all over again. I hated it nobody should ever get this app

Really GoodPosted by TI Chris 2016-10-12

This is a very good game.It test your remebering skills.You should get it.It it very fun!!If you want to have fun download this GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!

Geometry DashPosted by Shelley Bastarache 2016-10-08

My fingers are very flexible and I can tap and hold them fast when I have milk to mack my strong.So that's what makes me awesome at this game!!!!!

FrustratingPosted by lalafly plays 2016-10-14

This is an amazing game, it's a great time waster but it does get really difficult and is very very addictive. Just be careful around friends XD

Posted by Marcus Swan 2016-10-09

Frustrating but fun for the first 5 minutes. All I'm saying is that you have to make a easy geometry dash. The fist level is so hard also.

OkPosted by Isabella Eversmeyer 2016-10-16

When you start to play it it's fun but I ralley play it I get BORED to death pleas add more happiness to it I get so angry because I mess up.

It's adictivePosted by 2016-10-09

This game is really fun but I've been playing it forever and can only get past the first level and they are still coming out with more levels!

Geometry dashPosted by Jenn Colon 2016-10-15

It's a good game, I'm surprised the not hard level is extremely hard, can't wait till a new update to it'll be nice. I'm very happy about it.

CheesePosted by Bert Greene 2016-10-07

Creamy goodness for all. Comes in blue, stinky, and other special additions. Cheese is the bomb. Try some today at your local cheese factory.

NEVER SAVES YOUR SCOREPosted by MeltingLove Wattpad 2016-10-15

Super annoying! Keeps going out in the middle of a game. I TRIED SO HARD to get a 100% and when I did, it just went out. Fix your problems!!

Love It! Posted by 2016-10-08

Best game for anyone who loves music, parkour, building games, and different variants of characters. Wish I could get the full version.Best

Ive completed it allPosted by Myke Villalba 2016-10-08

I loved this before i finished it all i was like pretty crazy cause i wanted to fibish it but now i am so proud of myself like yesssssss!!!!

AwesomePosted by samantha Butler 2016-10-09

I lov be this game challenging, great music, love hw they made this game. Its not eny game its learning squares tringle now thats geometry.

AddictingPosted by anime 123 2016-10-08

It's really addicting but..it can also be very frusturating like one time i punched a hole in my wall because I got really mad at this game

Great time- wasterPosted by 2016-10-04

The levels are challenging, but not to the point of frustration, the gameplay is simple, and the music is refreshing and good to listen to.

AwsomePosted by Norm Sev 2016-10-14

Keep up the good work there may be adds but they only come if u die 7 times it happens every 7 times u die. Good awsome game download it .

Love this gamePosted by Eva Swent 2016-10-13

I had so much fun with this game it was awesome like a unicorn ona rainbow this is the best game ever i am having alot of fun on this game

COOL!!!Posted by Kevin Runer 2016-10-08

I LOVE THIS GAME NOW then i was playing that game i was so mad its was laging so i deleted it but thx for fixing it ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

AdventuresomePosted by Collin sparks 2016-10-13

It has many different jumps many people should play it. It took me 3days to beat the game and the full version if I can do it you can too

Posted by cupcake5 cupcake5 2016-10-11

Doesn't even work when u get to the part when you have to jump multiple times it doesn't jump. If I could I would give this app 0 stars.

Fun, challenging, but too many addsPosted by Karla Hernandez 2016-10-06

Its really fun to play and I like the challenge but the adds are always popping up and it gets slightly irritating that there are so many

A Game of InchesPosted by Galagex 12 2016-10-08

Fun game, good soundtrack. Be prepared however to frustratingly attempt levels over and over as you inch your way up the progress meter.

Cool!Posted by Sir Claymore 2016-10-16

This game is pretty fun... But its really challenging and requires a lot of time to practice, which I can't do because i'm always busy.

Amazing game!Posted by Hao Xiang Zhang 2016-10-15

This is such an addictive game,i love it!plus,it doesnt need wifi to play,so I can just whip out my phone and play it anytime,anywhere!

FantasticalPosted by 2016-10-04

I loved this game I passed every single level ,but I didn't have the full game so that doesn't really count dose it.I like the music to

My friend has this gamePosted by Kristin Witte 2016-10-14

My friend has this game and I play it on her iPod and I really really like it it's the best block game there ever was accept Minecraft

IT IS AWESOME AND CATCHYPosted by Xpert Doom 2016-10-11

I love the music it helps me go through obstacles and I like the jumps you have to do.One question why did you call it geometry dash??

Posted by Zarni Tun 2016-10-06

Its a really fun game but when you finish the whole game there's nothing really to do. When I got the game I couldn't stop playing it.

It's GreatPosted by carfthrina dahn 2016-10-04

I like it because it is very challenging,and whenever you hold your finger on for a long time,it jumps until you take your finger off.

Nice time killerPosted by Damariah Hampton 2016-10-15

When i want to download my games i just start playing geomatry dash then the next thing i notice it alrealy downloaded like 10min ago

Its AmazingPosted by Zada Fowler 2016-10-05

I know I'm a kid but this game Is amazing I love the music and the beat.i hope my description is helpful and I hope you love the game

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Kianna King 2016-10-16

"This is the best game ever I love playing this game! I love that you can customize your things! Trust me you should download it!!!"

ChallengingPosted by Frances Gaston 2016-10-16

This game has so many levels and they are all so challenging! Though I cant even finish a level... but it is still fun for all ages.

Amazing games!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by kane kennedy 2016-10-14

The game keeps me occupied by trying to complete it and it's very good for people to challenge it because it's fun edictive and hard

FunPosted by Alex H 2016-10-08

Very fun to play and keeps me occupied. I wish the full version was free but I won't complain because any geo dash game is very fun!

make your full game freePosted by syed arib 2016-10-07

if you make your full game free so more players will come and they will rate your roptop games so plz make your full verision free .

I love itPosted by Shaheen Younus 2016-10-09

The levels are hard and addicting. The music is great and the only thing is to add more levels other than that everything is great!

So easyPosted by 2016-10-06

I love this game it is so cool and I want to level up and u like it with wow u got a crazy idea battlerun can mix up with that game

pretty nicePosted by kill me 2016-10-04

though some levels are REALLY hard to complete, the game itself is fun. honestly, i just wrote this so i could get a new character.

Like it but...Posted by Carrie Rainey 2016-10-10

I love the game, but I can't get passed the first level! If you can, please make a beginner level even easier than stereo madness.

Dunkey this is so cool because you can play games and you can bet I can beat them because your dad iPosted by Yisel Vazquez 2016-10-05

When I play it it's going to be hecka Tight because hella cool games like Gentry - icons so that's why John Sebastian School cool

Fantastic gamePosted by John Drako 2016-10-04

I would recommend this game because it is a very thrilling, easy control, hard but fun type of game.(Very recommended) =]

Love itPosted by mohammed waleed 2016-10-15

Whenever I have spare time,which is like everyday, I play this and it is so addicting once I click it I want to end it! Get it?

AddictivePosted by Emina xD 2016-10-15

Got addicted to this VERY FAST. It so amazing that you have so any levels and awesome music and this is only the lite version!!

WowPosted by Chelsea Koopman 2016-10-10

Its fun and quite hard but its enjoyable. It would be better if i had more levels on the non brought version please more levels

Best game everPosted by Kiana James 2016-10-09

This game is #1 for me love the music and get so much advantages BEST GAME EVER.... Oh, and SUPER addictive!!!!!!!!!! The truth

I love itPosted by Barc Kcalb 2016-10-08

I only dislike the fact that u can't buy the full version and that means less levels and less colors other than that I love it

AmazingPosted by Rainbow Thunder Storms 2016-10-07

It is the same thing as geometry dash but for the people who can't afford the real game Because the real game costs real money

Great player of awsomenesPosted by Fernando Plaridel J Papa 2016-10-07

I love this game pls change title of the app like the normal title and more levels and cool things keep up the good work!!!!!!

YassPosted by 2016-10-15

Awesome game and i love a bomy and i rhino him everynight. I love him. Jkjk. Im joking. Im so looney*crying simultainiously*

AddictivePosted by cj Sharp 2016-10-15

Very fun and amazing to play. I love it. I play it more then 2 hours *not all at one time just added up throughout the day*

LOVE IT!!!Posted by Eunbin 4344 2016-10-08

This game is so addicting and such a time waster. My favorite level is Stereo Madness because the sound trck is so peaceful.

AdsPosted by angelina cotto 2016-10-16

Too many ads!!!! Every time I die I have to wait 30 seconds every time and when I press the x it brings me to the app store

What I thinkPosted by Eren Yeager 2016-10-15

I think this game is awesome is really good when my brother started playing this i started playing it and yeah I love it :3

AmazingPosted by Tristan Reese 2016-10-15

All though it doesn't have many levels it's still amazing but frustrating don't recommend you install it if you rage easily

It won't even workPosted by Jeanette C 2016-10-11

It doesn't work. Whenever I tap it to make it jump , it Wont until like 2 Seconds later. On my other phone it Worked fine .

Difficult but nicePosted by John Thomas 2016-10-11

The theme is cool and good obstacle but it's tough to get though this obstacle with no checkpoints but it's good it's good.

AmazingPosted by Ofer Tal 2016-10-10

To fun and additing,but in a good way,a wonderful music.should have some rock.i just wish the lite version had mutipalyer.

FailPosted by mark sullivan 2016-10-16


Yes!Posted by Casual Fire Fan 2016-10-15

Thank you for receiving my email I just wanna play this is game is a great Tim killer if your bored and great soundtracks!

Amazing gamePosted by Justin Brothers 2016-10-09

Just because it's made of shapes doesn't mean it's bad. I mean, I'm almost 14 and I love it! I highly recommend this game.

AmazingPosted by Shadow Lord 2016-10-16

Best game ever! Best soundtracks best everything! This game is really good for making you focus for a long period of time

I LOVE ITPosted by 2016-10-10

The game so great and been playing 8 months straight this is the best game for me ever i hope there are more RobTop games

AddictingPosted by Suzy 2016-10-06

It makes me want to play more and beat more levels. It also makes me rage sometime, it think people could relate to that.

LOVE THIS GAMEPosted by William Fox 2016-10-10


O.oPosted by Sheri Crouse 2016-10-08

Amazing as hard and frustrating and difficult it is it makes me not notice how much and far out of my comfort zone I am!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!Posted by 2016-10-14

It is so awesome, the music is awesome,the whole game is awesome!!! You should get it, if you don't you will regret it!

OkPosted by Tekala Blue 2016-10-09

Its ok I think u should make both of them free becahse I completed all of the levels and I can't download the other one

Gamers choicePosted by Ameer Saladin Zairul Afendi 2016-10-07

I love this game so much,it's addictive,fun and just like retro invasion.but I can tell this is the choice retro player

Cool gamePosted by Ian Harvey 2016-10-15

However, there should not be a "lite" version... the full game should be for free as well which is very disappointing.

Its goodPosted by Tracy Peters 2016-10-11

I feel that you should be able to spawnpoint in a game (not practice) otherwise its not bad (music is kinda obnoxious)

BoooooooooooPosted by lazereyegamer XL 2016-10-09

This game is to stupid when ever I do a hold jumps it just stays on the ground this game doesn't deserve this one star

AmazingPosted by Amy Cooper 2016-10-09

I love this game everything about it is brilliant except I am just attached to I go on it every time I go on my tablet

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by brave spirit gaming 2016-10-13


Game is awsomePosted by Jhy Gardner 2016-10-12

I love the game its cool and u can practice on that mode make sure to DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best game ever!Posted by puga chan 2016-10-11

This game is great! Its all about patience and concentration!Awesome game RobTop,hope you make more in the future :-D

Pretty coolPosted by Sidney Jacobs 2016-10-10

"I can't believe how the music helps me think and I can't believe how it's such a challenge! Such a great challenge!"

Why did they make this dumb game why!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Andrew Silva 2016-10-09

When I got the game I was just mad because it wasted all my time downloading and I hated the fame it got on my nerves

Please fix lagsPosted by Khloe Barrows 2016-10-14

Please fix the lags! When I'm playing a few levels it lags! I hate it when it lags so please fix the stupid lags!!!!

Very fun and addictivePosted by JesireeDashie Skittles 2016-10-13

Sometimes, this game have ads and also.. I'm a fast learner! this game is fun , challenging and best time killer! :D

BEST GAME EVERPosted by Luis Vargas 2016-10-09


AwesomePosted by Cindy Baxley 2016-10-14

This game is a great and addictive way to pass the time, and I actually think that the full version isn't that good

Can't get a nofePosted by Nicole Stevenson 2016-10-14

I like how they just have a cube and it just jumps I also like how you can change your character when ever you want

GoodPosted by 2016-10-12

It's good but it has issues. It can be unresponsive at times but the musics great it's super addictive and very fun

Really addictive and really challengingPosted by Keegon Dill 2016-10-10

I can only get the first 2 levels completed and still try. Just try to make sure that the levels aren't super hard

Extremely fun & addictingPosted by Connor Bryant 2016-10-09

This app is a really fun 2d platformer that has challenging and fun levels. I wish we played this is Geometry class

RythmPosted by 2016-10-15

I love the way the rhythm goes as you jump it seems as if the jumping is the rhythm that your making . I love it .

Very complex and awesomePosted by vinus parikh 2016-10-15

This game requires wits, brains, and to love havi g fun, and id love it if I were any of the people on this planet

This game is fun!Posted by Stacey Sheley 2016-10-14

This is one of the best games I have ever played, it can be frustrating at times but that makes it more worth wile

Best GamePosted by Clover Lovewings 2016-10-11

Its so cool that the more u get the music, the easier the game gets!! Anyways this is a very cool + Awesome Game!!

Addictive and funPosted by LilMeezy TheGamer 2016-10-08

I love this game so much I play it whenever I get a chance to. I love the music the levels and the customization .

IPosted by 2016-10-07

It is a freaking awesome game that is challenging and hard on some levels and the music is cool lots of cool icons

Epic. GamePosted by 2016-10-06

Just download it!!! It is soon good. Very good game. If only the original was free, It would be awesome ☺☺☺

AwsomePosted by Aolivo181 5852239369 2016-10-14

It it awesome if you type I'm geometry dash yourself there's tons of bad ones but this one is perfect. Great job!

Posted by Dayan Sierra 2016-10-10

It's so fun to play and if you don't have Internet you can still play but it will be fun if there was more levels

GreatPosted by 2016-10-07

I love this game,I beat the first 5 levels but it was really hard,I can tell u put a lot of effort into this game

Amazing tunePosted by tony pushkal 2016-10-07

The back ground music is so fantastically made! One of the reason i play the game is that,to listen to the music!

Nice but hardPosted by Mariam Abbas 2016-10-06

It is the most active game i have played but it is really so hard (the last stage) i haven't reached more than 6%

MehPosted by Nemanja Vuckovic 2017-01-11

I like this game but geometry dash is better than geometry dash lite and I wish I have geometry dash full version

it's very awesomePosted by Alexandra Cosme 2016-10-16

This game is very awesome! I let my friends play it and they now have the game as their list of "favorite games"

Very funPosted by Jerrik Shinkle 2016-10-16

I just love this game because of the dodging and jumping. It really passes the time. Its a bit stressful though.

Awesome App!!!Posted by Gerard Brinkhoff 2016-10-11

This game is a competition to see how far you can go without crashing!!! I recommend this to anyone out there!!!

Like itPosted by Godmaster Awsome 2016-10-08

Its really cool make more updates please.and i really like geromitry dash even though i get mad i still like it.

Love itPosted by Sarah Mcmanaway 2016-10-16

Its so fun to do in the car!!!! I have so much fun playing this amazing game I love this game great time killer

Nice retro game to playPosted by zeke White 2016-10-11

Its a nice game that doesnt need wifi and its addictive. The music is catchy and I have soundtracts on Spotify.

Time killerPosted by Nicole Castelo 2016-10-10

Time flies when you're playing cause because when you are playing before you know it 40 minutes or more passed

I loved itPosted by MsMia H 2016-10-09

It is so awesome because it is addictive and it is a self controlling game I love robtop because they r so cool

AddictionPosted by Johnrie Mark Alvarado 2016-10-09

This game makes you challenge and worth it because you can play this when you have no internet connection...:))

I love this gamePosted by Katie Bauman 2016-10-06

You aren't limited to one level at a time- you can do the hardest one if you want! I absolutely love this game!

Posted by kelp sandwich 2016-10-06

It's fun complicated and mostly everybody should give it a nice rating! Good luck geometry dash you can improve

Posted by Brandon Smith 2016-10-05

It is a very good game and the gameplay is very good it's very easy and hard at the same it's a very good game

THE LAGS!!Posted by Carol Hewan 2016-10-04

I have always had the lags. Yes, the lags took me over I love this game but i have to admit the truth. THE LAGS

AddictedPosted by 2016-10-16

This game is really fun. Really nice music and levels. But it may make u want to throw ur phone out the window

ChallengingPosted by LOVE PINK FOR LIFE Pink is for life and coffee 2016-10-15

Very challenging and addictive which makes more fun i play this all day before I know it its almost 10 o'clock

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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained for hours!

Check out the full version for new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and much much more!

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Contact: [email protected]

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