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Worst game everPosted by 2016-10-09

Geamotry dash is so dumb and stupid I'm angry because I keep dying five nights at freddy's is so much better I have fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 and five nights at candy's and my favirot charecters in fnaf 1 is foxy my favorite charecters in fnaf 2 is mangle and mangles a girl!!and my favirot charecters in fnaf 3 is nobody everybody's stupid in fnaf 3 and fnaf 4 is the scariest but my favirot charecters in fnaf 4 is nightmare mangle and in five nights at candy's is ...candy and candy's a boy and Cindy's a g

Need more levels only needs one game to get all the levels and we don't need to be paying money for Posted by Nevaeh Dean 2016-09-25

It needs new levels I tired of the same levels you should add some of the new levels to this one to make it better and why would you make 2 of the same game but only one have more levels instead of making 2 games of the same thing you should make one game that have all the levels and I don't like the regular geometry dash because most people want like myself but we can't even get it because you have to pay for it nobody wants to pay there money on that game what a rip off

OMG people fix your probsPosted by Jason Moser-wilcox 2016-10-08

Every time I want to stop jumping I let go of the you know what and it keeps jumping OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst game ever.Posted by Gene Linton 2016-09-28

Will only play if I am deprresed or never f##king again so here by if thare is a second one I will be mad but try if the game has the glitches from this one you will suck forever until these glitches get fixed.

CheatersPosted by Racheal Morales Ficke 2016-10-15

These stupid game cheats me out. It always makes me crash into one of those pokey things and makes me die in purpose but really I tapped go jump and it dont let me jump its makes me die

Geometry dashPosted by 2016-10-13

It's very fun and I love it and it's a good game and it's not boring and it's a game everybody play's and the levels are really challenging and exciting and interesting and fun

Too many ads.Posted by Candice Amson 2016-09-24

This has way too many ads and there should be only one version. The full version. It is still fun to play, but a bit frustrating and slightly boring. Needs a lot of work.

LolPosted by David Cooke 2016-09-25

Just need to rate to get a character so yeah. I don't hate it really just want to get the character. LOL! Yeah I had to re rate or edit so I can get the character again...

Yet another cheap rhythm game, frustrating in its implementationPosted by jaydoggy 2016-10-09

In the end this is just another rhythm clone without any personality or heart, just relentless, purposeless difficulty in pursuit of feeding you more ads. Avoid.

Not the bestPosted by 2016-09-25

This game is annoyingly hard and practice mode is downright rediculous. The check points are not reasonable and I am deleting it. You need to fix it.

NEVER SAVES YOUR SCOREPosted by MeltingLove Wattpad 2016-10-15

Super annoying! Keeps going out in the middle of a game. I TRIED SO HARD to get a 100% and when I did, it just went out. Fix your problems!!

Posted by cupcake5 cupcake5 2016-10-11

Doesn't even work when u get to the part when you have to jump multiple times it doesn't jump. If I could I would give this app 0 stars.

F*** YOU GEOMETRY DASH!Posted by KJ Preston 2016-09-22

I can't stand this crap, IT'S TOO HARD. I don't know who in the world made this, but for y'all freeks that like this, LLLLLLLL.

Sill Really Why No Updates This is Getting BoringPosted by G Durre 2016-09-27

Still RubRub Y U No Update This Game!?!?! I hoped that we could have the ball in this game IT SO STUPID JUST UPDATE IT RUBRUB

AdsPosted by angelina cotto 2016-10-16

Too many ads!!!! Every time I die I have to wait 30 seconds every time and when I press the x it brings me to the app store

It won't even workPosted by Jeanette C 2016-10-11

It doesn't work. Whenever I tap it to make it jump , it Wont until like 2 Seconds later. On my other phone it Worked fine .

FailPosted by mark sullivan 2016-10-16


BoooooooooooPosted by lazereyegamer XL 2016-10-09

This game is to stupid when ever I do a hold jumps it just stays on the ground this game doesn't deserve this one star

Why did they make this dumb game why!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Andrew Silva 2016-10-09

When I got the game I was just mad because it wasted all my time downloading and I hated the fame it got on my nerves

THE LAGS!!Posted by Carol Hewan 2016-10-04

I have always had the lags. Yes, the lags took me over I love this game but i have to admit the truth. THE LAGS

WORST gamePosted by Kelvin King 2016-10-12


DontPosted by Dawson Floyd 2016-09-27

If I didn't have to star it I wouldnt dont download it because it won't uninstall it gives ur phone a virus

Posted by 2016-10-08

It's so great I play it all the time I've got 100 percentage on everything but it's also really boring

My cousin mean cierra this her cousinPosted by Candy Mcdonald 2016-10-08

She yelling at me cause she doesent want to play 7 second challenge she is yelling she never yells

LagPosted by George Boutot 2016-09-24

Tjis game is way too laggy its probably all the ads waiting to pop out every other play through.

I wish I could download itPosted by farzanah khan hyath 2016-10-10

My phone its sooooo annoying I love the game I want to download it but nooooo fix the app people

Hate itPosted by 2016-10-16

It mead me want to break my phone and when you try to jump it missed you up I mean it is ok

Worst game everPosted by Music for the game 2016-09-19

This is to hard and not alot of levels are added and it gets boring after a few weeks

Worst game everPosted by Damian Troncoso 2016-10-14

It doesn't even make sense the creator is the end of the galaxy.imposable to contral

Cool but...Posted by 2016-10-07

Is Cooler But I can't buy a full one because I got is on my tablet not to my phone :(

Posted by Shoaib Abdullah 2016-10-05

I didnt play it but it has been installing since 8am now its 9pm and hanging my phone

Posted by Amanda Dinelle 2016-09-26

I think it is amazing because you get to see how good you are at jumping and taping

HorriblePosted by MaximusPlayz 2016-10-08

Too many ads, Stress maker, A completely stupid idea, No fun, so hard it's not fun

DumbPosted by Leah Schreiner 2016-10-16

When I get to the end of the level it restarts me I don't think you should get it

Horrible lagPosted by 2016-10-12

The game has horrble lag every time I go to jump it kills me this game is stupid

Too many adsPosted by Jamilah Bt.mohamed 2016-09-20

I will never dowload this and never ever see it and the ads is making it hard!

Geometry dashPosted by hunter willyard 2016-10-15

If they are just going to keep adding levels just put the full game for free

I cantPosted by hyperkarnage 2016-10-13


TerriblePosted by Dude Failure 2016-10-11

I hate this game it always kills u right at the Frikin end ugggggg!!!!!!!

Posted by courtney rigby 2016-10-05

I have just got to 99 percent and a glitch made me die on the fith level

Bulls shitPosted by Sanslover 101 2016-10-10

All I can say is it sucks assume and I don't want anything to do with it


CAN WE GET REAL VERSION FREE PLEASE???!?!????!??!??!??!??!??!?????????

To frustratingPosted by 2016-10-11

It's way too frustrating like I don't got enough stress on my mind

What do you call thatPosted by Sarah Lee 2016-09-19

I got the full version of the game its way better then this crap

Hate itPosted by 2016-10-12

Takes to long to download it took me 2days and still didn't work

This sucksPosted by LIL MILO 2016-09-10

This game sucks it always crashed on my phone update your game

I LOVE IT!!Posted by Saul Rojas 2016-09-19

When u jump it doesn't let us jump when u don't jump it jumps

TerriblePosted by 2016-10-15

I hate the game it's to hard can't even beat the first level

Geometry Dash suckPosted by CoolAwesomeRayray Roblox VGCP Morris Roblox Fan 2016-09-22


Posted by Jorja Storm Brownlee-Haigh 2016-09-25

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

NeckPosted by Demarcus Harney 2016-09-25

Fjskd Ducky Dfxxg Ffdgd DyHy Eddie ZussmmfuDuf SlfGfg Ngzgh

Demo freakin sucksPosted by Gabriel Young 2016-10-15

Gehdydyeuyhdudhdudhgdduveydisje if u read that im imprest

Posted by Lynette Botes 2016-10-10

I love gometry dash it is so fun I play it the whole day

AdsPosted by Ella Hemphill 2016-10-07

There were so many ads that it wasn't even worth playing

Geometry dash litePosted by Aiyana Curtiss 2016-10-16

It would not let me play and was only half the screen

This is the WORSTPosted by Terrie Easley 2016-09-21


This game is terriblePosted by Vincent Massey 2016-09-23

When you press the jump button it doesn't even work

StupidityPosted by KIKIMods 2016-10-10

The games is for kids and it is stupid suck my ass

Download was so slowPosted by 2016-09-26

Didn't like because the download is really slow

ChallengingPosted by 2016-10-15

I love Challenging things that's why its great

Posted by Damian Robles 2016-09-26

The reaction when u tap the screen is so late


Please but the button to make your own level

SucksPosted by Haadi Bassier 2016-09-26

When you try and jumpit doesint do anything

Posted by 2016-10-05

Its too trash and the music is annoying gosh

Posted by Simmi Gupta 2016-09-10

Because it is getting hang again and again

Oooh watePosted by Gs.sharma 69 2016-09-22

I hate this game because it is so childish

You know it's okPosted by cristina ceballos 2016-10-16

I like it but sometimes I hate it you know

GoodPosted by Leo Ojeda 2016-10-05

Its. Is. Cool. The music. A some. Love. It

Why I Do not like itPosted by paige wood 2016-09-25

It will not Dowlode and I get really mad

DumbPosted by Kyle Burke 2016-10-13

You just slide and listen to stupid music

10/10/2016Posted by Seif Toma 2016-10-10

Very bad have a long time for downloading

Cool gamePosted by Wolf Kill 2016-10-09

Please let me know if you have a updated

CutePosted by Marline Joseph 2016-09-22

It's so much fun playing this game my n

So anoyingPosted by DOLLY RICHARDS 2016-10-09

Everything I try cycles I keep on dying

ImpossiblePosted by Syco Razor 2016-09-10

I hope who ever made this gets cancer

Lag cityPosted by Maia R 2016-09-24

Can't properly use because of lag. :(

Doesnt jump when I want it to doPosted by 2016-10-08

It never jumps when I want it to jump

Luv itPosted by Pepe Saxon te papa 2016-10-12

This Is the best game for challanges

Posted by Taufeeq Ahmedsiddiqui 2016-09-25

Exallent app i really like this app

Posted by 2016-10-16

Is game i disliked det is vre hated

Posted by Ashton Dain 2016-09-23

Boring and takes up a lot of space

Stupid adsPosted by Joi Terrell 2016-10-11

To many ads make my game startover

Posted by Billy Zelsnack 2016-10-04

Disobeys data restriction settings

It's to hardPosted by Dale Carson 2016-10-03

Well I like the game but it's hard

Ugly gamePosted by 2016-09-23

This game is the dumes game every

It's horriblePosted by 2016-10-16

I can't see why everyone likes it

Posted by 2016-10-11

Fun game to play when u are bored

HelloPosted by Simrat Sandhar 2016-10-15

I am doing this for the free guy

This game is awesomePosted by Sparkle Legend 2016-10-13

Jk this socks so much duck it...

Geometry DASH LitePosted by Francis Boehm 2016-10-06

This is like The Impossible Game

Great gamePosted by 2016-10-04

I love this game it is funn game

Posted by Callum Clarke 2016-10-07

It unresponsive when ever I tap

Too many glitches....Posted by Dangatan Son 2016-09-23

It always glitch everytime!!!!

I sucksPosted by Lilly Bella 2016-09-26

I don't have anuff room.for it

OMFGPosted by Peter Respicio 2016-10-16


Love itPosted by 2016-10-08

Get this game it is so amazing

Posted by 2016-10-16

It was dead like korie'd trim

Posted by Michael Corona 2016-10-09

Not listening when im jumping

LitePosted by 2016-10-11

Good good take that L alsome

Posted by 2016-10-10

Good game but harder to beat

Good EnoughPosted by Matty Zee 2016-09-24

You need to add more levels

In love itPosted by 2016-09-27

Cause its so challenge full

NooooPosted by Bianca Swanepoel 2016-09-27

Doesn't want to install!!!!

Has very inappropriate contentPosted by Pikachu gaming 2016-10-09

No not a good game for kids

Posted by lemobomb ja ka 2016-10-05

Stupid I cannot download it

GoodPosted by Syed Aiman 2016-10-04

But how to download songs??

Posted by Super Shadow RSA. 2016-09-25

Becuse its allsom and hard

Posted by jasonTDM //TheDiamondMinecart 2016-09-27


OkPosted by Ebony White 2016-10-11

I don't have words just ok

BasilPosted by Mahleek Pope 2016-10-08

Sooo lame hate it so much

:PPosted by Ruby Padllia 2016-09-10

this game is inpossible

Posted by Sofia Naweed 2016-09-19

Bad game it game of baby

Total favePosted by Angel Romero 2016-10-06

It makes FaZe Jev Rage..

LeonidaPosted by 2016-09-22

Happy for this geometry

So hard kant get through first levalPosted by Ultimate Gamer of MlG 2016-09-25

No no make a easy game

likePosted by daniel price 2016-10-10

I play it all the time

The bestPosted by Ved Pratap 2016-09-24

I learned many tricks

Posted by koda Coers 2016-09-25

Stop with all the ads

WorstPosted by Nito Diaz 2016-09-27

Too many ads and rage

Good gamePosted by Geoffrey Munro 2016-09-27

This is a great game!

StupidPosted by Jeremy Burlingame 2016-10-13

Stupid idea I hate it

Love itPosted by superpro gamer 2016-09-19

This game is so cool

Posted by Rekha Roy 2016-09-21

This is a great geme

TrashPosted by 2016-09-24

Jdnz in jsjsndjdnfjd

to many glitchesPosted by 2016-10-15

Way to many glitches

I love the music is coolPosted by Danish Rashid 2016-10-13

OMG that game is (:

It makes me cryPosted by Fikayo Olaleye 2016-10-09

I Don, t rage I cry

Posted by 2016-09-10

Am amazingly great

Geometry Dash LitePosted by James Carsley 2016-10-14


CoolPosted by error sans 2016-10-09

Just what i wanted

RapePosted by vlogster gaming 2016-10-07

This game raped me

Posted by Dana Martinez 2016-10-04

Geometry dash lite

Posted by Sarah Metcalf 2016-09-27

It won't downlode

Its harder than a rockPosted by Kira Martin 2016-09-10

I hate this game

SucksPosted by Isabel Cordes 2016-09-22

All around sucks

Roman bathsPosted by Gabriel Mejiadelarosa 2016-09-10

Emily's of Waro

BOOPosted by Archie Sullivan 2016-09-26

Worst game ever

DjPosted by Veneeka Norris 2016-09-26

This is so cool

AwsomePosted by Ian Monye 2016-10-11

This game rocks

ONE WORD!!!Posted by Emma McDermaid 2016-09-26


Posted by Christina Washington 2016-09-22

Hate this game

It suked like buttPosted by Robert M 2016-10-15

Better grafics

Posted by dragon Slayer 2016-10-09

Your game suck

Its dog shitPosted by Marco 693334 2016-10-08

Geomitree dash

Posted by AwesomeKid 123 2016-10-08

duck you robby

Posted by baconman 2016-10-04


This game assPosted by Jacob Peña 2016-09-24

All ways suck

Lite is bad.Posted by Zachary Blaschke 2016-10-16

PAID is good.

Stupid a** appPosted by 2016-10-13

F*** this app

UPosted by gamer tv 2016-10-06

Ass this game

It's not installing fastPosted by 2016-10-14

Kaison brown

Love itPosted by Evo D 2016-10-09

It's amazing

Posted by Anusya Jaya 2016-10-07

Most useless

Posted by Sample Text 2016-10-04

Awesome game

Posted by grace balinado 2016-09-22

Its awesome

Too many adsPosted by Michael Morgenstern 2016-09-21

Stupid game

sucksPosted by Tony Romo 2016-10-11


DumPosted by Francisca Castro 2016-10-08

This is gay

GandaPosted by Barry Jaime 2016-10-06

Super ganda

delete it ASAPPosted by Dashie Ya-Sin 2016-09-19

Im so MAD

AddictivePosted by 2016-09-25

Sooo.. fun

It was bad enough for youPosted by Caydeb Whitaker 2016-09-24


delete it ASAPPosted by Dashie Ya-Sin 2016-10-14

Im so MAD

Worst game ever.Posted by Martin Bonora 2016-10-13

I hated it

this game is coolPosted by Claudia Chavez 2016-10-12


Posted by Caden Watson 2016-10-07

It's awful

Posted by Bagas Hermawan 2016-09-20

Good game

CoolPosted by Dara Perry 2016-09-21

Best game

Posted by Andres Villalobos 2016-09-25


Geometry dash is dumbPosted by balqueque mohamed 2016-09-27

Hate game

Take to longPosted by Doris Wilson 2016-09-24

I hate it

Posted by romi mannu 2016-09-23

Baby game

Posted by David Dillon 2016-10-15

Its grate

Posted by TheRainFall Flip diving and more 2016-09-24


Screw thisPosted by 2016-09-24


Bought it then got rid of it when i tried to get it again it made me buy it againPosted by Gabe Staff 2016-09-28

F U!!!!!

By leyPosted by Ley Munoz 2016-09-10

Not bad

DumPosted by Justice Lee 2016-09-25

To hard

Hate itPosted by Abdul Wahab 2016-09-25

To hard

ShitPosted by A Google User 2016-10-14

So crap

the first best gamePosted by Adriana Nieto 2016-10-13

Love it

Iove itPosted by Rachel Infante 2016-10-08

3 $$$$$

Just to hardPosted by Rita Lombardo 2016-10-05


Geometry dash litePosted by Tom Blake 2016-10-07


Posted by Nevaeh Bell 2016-10-05


BoringPosted by Savage Potato 2016-10-04


Yo mamaPosted by Sprint Store 2016-10-15


Geometry dash LitePosted by Saddy King 2016-10-10


BullshitPosted by Alliyah Unsi Studio 2016-10-10


Posted by DeathDragon7391 DeathDragon133 2016-10-09


This game is so awesomePosted by Elijah Nicholas 2016-09-24


Love itPosted by Abdu Muyanja 2016-10-16


Posted by Orlando Rojas 2016-10-15


really love itPosted by Yessenia Guzman 2016-10-13


Posted by William Black 2016-10-08


UjPosted by 2016-10-08


NoPosted by Joey Cagno 2016-10-06


Posted by epic oliver gamer 2016-09-20


EhgPosted by Kei'Shon Jones Jones 2016-09-22


I love itPosted by Ioan Hobbs 2016-09-25


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