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Jump ErrorPosted by Rahim Prince 2016-09-22

Sometimez i tap the screen but the square thing or icon doesnot jump ... and at that moment i make myself ready to del this game... i think this game needs an update... The Error made me give it 2 stars... if the error will be improved i will surely rate it 4 stars (there iz always a room 4 improvement) as it is a real Fun n addictive az well

Posted by Jilly Gaming 2016-10-13

I hate the regular levels without the checkpoints its so stupid that you have to start all over again. I hated it nobody should ever get this app

Posted by Marcus Swan 2016-10-09

Frustrating but fun for the first 5 minutes. All I'm saying is that you have to make a easy geometry dash. The fist level is so hard also.

Fix itPosted by Carrot Gamer 2016-09-24

Omg I can't jump sometimes and on practice mode the checkpoints spawn in stupid places like in front of a spike! Had it for 7 days!!!

GrarrrrrPosted by xMaori Crippinx 2016-09-27

This sucks because it is not comanding what I'm tryin to jump because it stop no Internet too. Could u fix my bug please?

Its to difficult and gets boringPosted by Juliette Brooks 2016-09-26

The graphics could be better and the constant freezing is so annoying.IT WILL NOT STOP FREEZING!!

Too hard!Posted by Lisa Leistman 2016-10-08

U should make it a little Easier and make it so the cube or whatever shape ur using go SLOWER!!!

L.1 IS TO FRIKING HARDPosted by John Buscemi 2016-10-16


Bad gamePosted by 2016-10-16

Its maybe too challenging but on the other hand it has great music while you are playing

Oh no... NO GOD PLEASE NOPosted by fgt fgt 2016-09-24

When i beated xStep my data got deleted... And... Andd i lost my data

Amazing but strenuously difficultPosted by silver star25 2016-09-25

this game is too hard for me. I can't even get past the 6th level!

BORINGPosted by Kaia CJ 2016-09-24

I knocked a new skin when I tried a level the game froze

Super hardPosted by sky guy 2016-10-16

It is challenging and can't possibly beat all of it

Geometry dashPosted by Aleenah Ali 2016-10-08

I like that there are hard levels and easy levels

LAG!!!Posted by 2016-10-05

I hate the lag,but other than that the game is OK

Arianna's has something to sayPosted by Tamara Aine 2016-09-24

This game is awsome even my friend zoe got it

YOU MADE ME ANGRY SO SOO SOOOO MUCHPosted by Khobi Mercado 2016-10-14


Geometry dash lightPosted by Ella Dunn 2016-10-14

Bad bad bad bad bad bad worst game ever

It's okPosted by Austin Cook 2016-10-16

I like it but it was not that fun

GaaaaaaaayPosted by yobani quintero 2016-10-13


StupidPosted by Alin Norazlin 2016-10-16

Cause it cant make me jump

Posted by Im So Lucky 2016-10-16

Just for the new shape lol

Posted by 2016-10-15

Chainsmokers favorite part

Posted by Sophie Barr 2016-10-10

Advertising is a problem.

Not as goodPosted by Renatas Safranavicius 2016-10-05

Not as my friends told me

Posted by Ishaan Mann 2016-10-14

I want the full version

Too hardPosted by The Cuteo 2016-10-08

Great just way too hard

Posted by Venus 2016-10-06

Did not let me download

Geomatary dashPosted by benzear 2016-10-14

Awesome game living it

Posted by 2016-10-14

The process is to slow

It's horriblePosted by andrew fair 2016-09-25

No description needed

its very greatPosted by 2016-10-07

pleas make some more

Good charactersPosted by Missiah Abd Samad 2016-10-07

I like a characters

Good game, didn't save progressPosted by Remi Walhain 2016-09-24

Title says it all

UggggPosted by Cookiebegdu A 2016-10-14

Uh it's too easy

OkPosted by cool guy 2016-09-19

Too challenging

AwesomePosted by 2016-09-24

It pretty fun

PalewuyPosted by Lun Williams 2016-09-10


adsPosted by Juan Trujillo 2016-10-07

to many ads

Geometry dashPosted by Latoya Thompson 2016-10-13

I hate it

Cool ist gamePosted by Xavier Roundtree 2016-10-06

I love it

TOO MANY FREAKIN ADS!Posted by jay bee 2016-10-15


Werd It sez 2.1 is hire wtfPosted by JackO GTM 2016-10-10


Posted by darren Owen Clarence 2016-10-09

Haha OK

Posted by Dillon P 2016-10-15


Good and normalPosted by daniil kryzhko 2016-09-24


Posted by alejandro luis rodriguez 2016-10-12


3 starPosted by Noah cooper 2016-09-28


It's so funPosted by Angelika Lowe 2016-10-05


Posted by 2017-09-12

Ugh so frustrating

Posted by Hannalora Muliufi 2017-09-09

It kept not letting me jumped

Posted by Gino Dudley 2017-09-08

I've had this game for over 3 years and I've recently noticed a bug that stops the levels I'm creating from scrolling during playtest in the editor. I cant continue making the level because of this. I would normally give the game 5 stars so if this is fixed I will leave my normal reveiw. Its an amazing game but this bug ruins it. Please fix this so I and anyone else experiencing this can have a good time playing, which is the point of any game.

Posted by Melodie Pan 2017-09-06

It was ok. I didn't really enjoy it.

Posted by Idiotic Bacon 2017-09-06

These damn ads are annoying and the game keeps crashing, this is not my phone. Any other game I play doesn't have these problems. Highly disappointed the game has to shape up otherwise I'll be deleting it. And if this company responds I prefer an actual person responding and not a default computer responding if possible

Posted by dark dolan 2017-09-06

fix your goddamn game because one every 10 attempts i press my screen and i dont jump sometimes i lag and i make a perfect jump but it throws me straight down i have died so many times because of this but if this keeps happening im uninstalling

Posted by purple dash 2017-09-06

The thing I don't like because you have to buy the gd is the one you can do stuff ugh not cool not nice bro

Posted by Genevieve Livingston 2017-09-04

Overall good but needs more levels! I can get the full version of this game on aptoide!!! For free too!!! And non GLITCHING!!!

Posted by Marcella Jecha 2017-09-02

Well done you've officially murderd everyone's lives with this game the checkpoints suck it repeats your jump so fix that!

Posted by Alaya Hayslett 2017-09-02

I don't think so

Posted by Amy Ros 2017-09-01

To much ads There are to much ads and the game is hard

Posted by 2017-09-01

Its a great game but WAY TO MANY ADDS

Posted by 2017-08-31

This game was fun but than whan i uninstalded and got a new game and uninsealed that i wanted this game again but it didnt so i am realy sad

Posted by Chase Rickman 2017-08-31

It's really hard on phones, but on my tablet it's awesome and easier

Posted by Coincreeper01 Minecraft master 2017-08-28

I suck

Posted by Taylor Rubio 2017-08-28

I wish there was a revive button or at least a check point I was at 96 and I died i was about throw my phone I say download if you want to rage and break your phone

Posted by Ivelyse Eason 2017-08-27

Tooooooooooo many ads

Posted by 2017-08-24

Needs great music

Posted by zXEireSkillzXz 2017-08-23

Why is there adds in a game I paid for.

Posted by Lc.Najvamps1925_YT RBLX&MC 2017-08-21

Well dont get me wrong i love it its just that you cant make levels and thats one of the best thing so thats it

Posted by Anthony Mcquilla 2017-08-20

It is bad

Posted by Giorarv262 2017-08-18

so annoying

Posted by Jacqueline Frager 2017-08-18


Posted by 2017-08-17

You should let us make our own charttor

Posted by EpicSparta XP 2017-08-17

This game is fun and please get rid of the ads, its annoying

Posted by James Holland 2017-08-16

I pretty much hate it make it easier

Posted by bethany jackson 2017-08-16

This game is good on my vros phone yet it wont downlod to eror 20! So annoying I like this but fix thos bug!

Posted by KAPTEN FOXY 2017-08-16

I hate this game it's SO hard

Posted by Ralph Heffernan 2017-08-16

I broke my tablet because of it

Posted by Luna Garcia 2017-08-13


Posted by Jolanta Ataman 2017-08-12


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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained for hours!

Check out the full version for new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and much much more!

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Contact: [email protected]

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