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Wow....Posted by Katie Anderson 2016-10-15

I love the game, yet I give it only 1 star because it likes to mess itself up. What I mean by this is, that when I'm playing, and I could be nearing an above my average percentage during the round, I will quickly tap the screen to indicate that I want to jump, yet it doesn't jump, AND I DIE! I think the software of it needs to be updated so that it can't screw anyone else's game up, otherwise, it is an addictive game, but I really DON'T want to go back if there isn't something to be done about the glitches.

Posted by Matt Edge 2016-09-28

Really like this game, the combination of simple design, visuals and awesome music are amazing. Unfortunatly I can't play the game with the music on because it always feels out of time with the input actions you make to dodge obstacles and for a game marketed as 'a rhythm game' with tips including 'try to listen to the music to help you!' it just feels jarring.

FunPosted by 2016-10-05

Its a perfect balance between challenging and fun. I love it. The other geometry dash games are great too. Whether you're an expert wanting more challenges or a beginner trying to get the hang of it. My whole family has at least one version of geometry dash.

AmazingPosted by Mya Carter 2016-09-25

This app so far is on the verge to astonishment.......this app is very fun .......me being 12 years old after school this game is a fun way to release stress from school......all in all this game is amazing because of how challenging and fun it is

So addicting!Posted by Jenna Cobb 2016-10-09

I can't stop playing this game!! It's so fun! It's really challenging and you're so happy when you pass a level!! You should really download this game. There is kind of a lot of ads but I think the game kind of makes up for it.

I love this gamePosted by 2016-10-04

I love the challenging levels. I love the music. The music actually helps you complete the level. I just wish you guys would have put the geometry dash meltdown levels on here. It would have saved me space and time.

Pretty Good.Posted by Kylee Castaneda 2016-10-09

It is very addicting the only problem is after an ad the music turns off and you can't hear it which is sad because the music is lit. Then after a while it says "unfortunately geometry dash lite has stopped"

Loved it butPosted by Adel Mog 2016-10-06

I loved the game but whenever I play a song the music goes ahead of me you have got to fix that but still love the game for now I'm giving you 4 stars when you guys fix it I will give you 5 stars, OK deal?

Very addictive.Posted by John Bauduin 2016-10-06

I love this game. It is a great way to waste time and also it has some great music that I really appreciate listening to. All in all it is a game I come back to anytime I feel the need for challenge.

I like it.Posted by James Chambers 2016-09-26

This is a good game that presents a challenge to me and I like the music and the level design. I can't afford the full version, but I'm still trying to complete all the levels and get all the coins.

Geometry dashPosted by 2016-09-19

This is a very nice a no fun game I just don't like it when I die and I am nearly to the end I love this game soo much u guys who did not download it yet u need to cause it is a really nice day

Needs more levels...Posted by Katie CL 2016-09-23

This free version of the game should be able to have all the levels that the paid version does. If you people can fix that then I would be very happy. Please respond to this message ASAP.

Love itPosted by SuicidalDøgPrøductiøns 2016-10-10

I completed every single level in 3rd grade and now im in 5th grade and Im still just as good! One thing that annoys me, it takes literally 3 years for a new level to come out .-.

I love the game butPosted by Klohye Collins 2016-10-09

The game is awesome and it's challenging it really fun to play but I hate the AD's so can you fix it it's really annoying when you are in the middle of a game when it happens

Great gamePosted by Hater Alert 2016-10-05

So fun but a little challenging but that gives it the intensity of the game. It what makes you come back for more. The only problem I have is the ads. A little to many.

DashPosted by Cyrus Tenorio 2016-10-09

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GoodPosted by QQsabrine Chung 2016-10-12

Sometimes playing this game mades me mad, but I still enjoy playing this game. I wonder why they dont update the app because it says there are more level coming up.

AmazingPosted by Oceans Music TV 2016-09-24

It's amazing but it's getting kind of boring I want the full version but it's easy so make it more challenging robtop and I can't download it on my galaxy S7 ede

AdsPosted by Satu Karjalainen 2016-10-10

It's pretty awesome but those ads are ****ing stupids cause when i play some level, the ad comes, and the game stops. (I mean level) But It's awesome guys!

AwsomePosted by New Guy 2016-10-15

The music is great, colours, graphics and everything is awsm but one thing. I don't know if it only happens to me that Sometimes the rhythm doesn't match

Posted by LilaGirl9000 2016-09-21

Cool song, Easy, and Fun! But.. But..wen i suppose to won, there's no Checkpoints...And pls add some Checkpoints! cuz i will restart EVERYTING i made.

Nice game but...Posted by Sachet Vashisht 2016-09-10

But the only the full version contains everything and we need to buy it with money, I would be really happy if the full version would be free!!!

It's goodPosted by Benjamin Hounsell 2016-09-24

Fun and runs smoothly, enough level to keep you satisfied and also more can be downloaded, Overall a good fun game to play for a couple of days.

FrustratingPosted by lalafly plays 2016-10-14

This is an amazing game, it's a great time waster but it does get really difficult and is very very addictive. Just be careful around friends XD

AddictingPosted by anime 123 2016-10-08

It's really addicting but..it can also be very frusturating like one time i punched a hole in my wall because I got really mad at this game

Awesome gamePosted by Rasha Alsheyyab 2016-09-20

I really love this game and I keep trying to beat my brother who is a freaking genius in this game. So excited to unlock everything else.

A Game of InchesPosted by Galagex 12 2016-10-08

Fun game, good soundtrack. Be prepared however to frustratingly attempt levels over and over as you inch your way up the progress meter.

Cool!Posted by Sir Claymore 2016-10-16

This game is pretty fun... But its really challenging and requires a lot of time to practice, which I can't do because i'm always busy.

AddictivePosted by Geek Anon 2016-09-24

Frustrating in the harder levels, but catchy music and appealing visual effects definitely make it all worth it. Plus, achievements...

ChallengingPosted by Frances Gaston 2016-10-16

This game has so many levels and they are all so challenging! Though I cant even finish a level... but it is still fun for all ages.

FunPosted by Alex H 2016-10-08

Very fun to play and keeps me occupied. I wish the full version was free but I won't complain because any geo dash game is very fun!

make your full game freePosted by syed arib 2016-10-07

if you make your full game free so more players will come and they will rate your roptop games so plz make your full verision free .

It's pretty goodPosted by Connor Sheehan 2016-09-10

I like the game a lot, but the need some levels with UFO and other special icons It's overall a pretty good game for a free version

pretty nicePosted by kill me 2016-10-04

though some levels are REALLY hard to complete, the game itself is fun. honestly, i just wrote this so i could get a new character.

Like it but...Posted by Carrie Rainey 2016-10-10

I love the game, but I can't get passed the first level! If you can, please make a beginner level even easier than stereo madness.

It is coolPosted by Phoebe Crutchley 2016-09-25

Yeah, like it gets a bit getting used to,to do the levels! Is is possible to complete x step? Addicting bit hard that's for Sure!

It's coolPosted by Stacey Tamblyn 2016-09-27

The only thing I don't like is how hard it is and it would be really good if you guys could make an easy , normal and hard mode.

Amazing gamePosted by Aleah Henderson 2016-09-20

This is an amazing game the only thing is that it has adds but i would recomend this app for younger viewers and older viewers

GreatPosted by 2016-09-25

But could you fix the glitches it goes off time with the music and it's so annoying other than that it's my favourite game!:-D

AmazingPosted by Tristan Reese 2016-10-15

All though it doesn't have many levels it's still amazing but frustrating don't recommend you install it if you rage easily

Difficult but nicePosted by John Thomas 2016-10-11

The theme is cool and good obstacle but it's tough to get though this obstacle with no checkpoints but it's good it's good.

CoolPosted by isabelle isard 2016-09-28

I love this game only you have to pay for the full version and you can only get certain things. Apart from that it's epic

AWESOME!!!!!!!!Posted by 2016-10-14

It is so awesome, the music is awesome,the whole game is awesome!!! You should get it, if you don't you will regret it!

I guessPosted by Shianne Walsh 2016-09-19

I love this but some times it doesn't work like when you have to subscribe and stuff for characters you don't get them

Addicting and funPosted by Tnakurtz Kurtz 2016-09-24

I play this game a lot. It is super addicting and fun to play. The lite version makes me want to buy the full version.

Cool gamePosted by Ian Harvey 2016-10-15

However, there should not be a "lite" version... the full game should be for free as well which is very disappointing.

Its goodPosted by Tracy Peters 2016-10-11

I feel that you should be able to spawnpoint in a game (not practice) otherwise its not bad (music is kinda obnoxious)

AmazingPosted by Amy Cooper 2016-10-09

I love this game everything about it is brilliant except I am just attached to I go on it every time I go on my tablet

GoodPosted by Panda Lover 2016-09-10

Its a great game but the problem is the ads!! In the middle of the game ads pop up!! But over all its a good game!!

Best gamePosted by short 23 2016-09-26

This is a great game and I'll advise anyone who wants a good time consumer and a challenging game download this.. :)

Posted by memecat 5000 2016-09-25

I liked it and it's super addictive and very challenging but I would give it 5 stars if i didn't suck at this game

Can't get a nofePosted by Nicole Stevenson 2016-10-14

I like how they just have a cube and it just jumps I also like how you can change your character when ever you want

GoodPosted by 2016-10-12

It's good but it has issues. It can be unresponsive at times but the musics great it's super addictive and very fun

Really addictive and really challengingPosted by Keegon Dill 2016-10-10

I can only get the first 2 levels completed and still try. Just try to make sure that the levels aren't super hard

RythmPosted by 2016-10-15

I love the way the rhythm goes as you jump it seems as if the jumping is the rhythm that your making . I love it .

IPosted by 2016-10-07

It is a freaking awesome game that is challenging and hard on some levels and the music is cool lots of cool icons

Nice but hardPosted by Mariam Abbas 2016-10-06

It is the most active game i have played but it is really so hard (the last stage) i haven't reached more than 6%

MehPosted by Nemanja Vuckovic 2017-01-11

I like this game but geometry dash is better than geometry dash lite and I wish I have geometry dash full version

The best game!!Posted by AjAx 2016-09-24

I liked it because it's kinda of a Brain game that u have to do the controls rlly fast anyways I liked the game

Time killerPosted by Nicole Castelo 2016-10-10

Time flies when you're playing cause because when you are playing before you know it 40 minutes or more passed

Posted by kelp sandwich 2016-10-06

It's fun complicated and mostly everybody should give it a nice rating! Good luck geometry dash you can improve

AddictedPosted by 2016-10-16

This game is really fun. Really nice music and levels. But it may make u want to throw ur phone out the window

Love itPosted by 2016-10-10

Omg I love this game so much.it is a great time killer and it is addictive with great music...don't you think

Posted by Joudi Alhamwi 2016-10-09

I'll give u a 5 if u start making checkpoints!! It's such an awesome game but u just need to add checkpoints

I love it but...Posted by Tyreeq Walker 2016-10-04

I really enjoy geometry dash but do we have to pay for pro. I've completed all the levels now the funs over

FunPosted by Jezzel Renderos 2016-10-15

I like this game because its very challenging and addictive sometimes it frustrates me but its mostly fun

Great Game!Posted by xXMoonlightXGamerXx 2016-10-13

For me, this game is a good time killing and addictive game! 5 stars if I find an amazing character.....

Like it a lot butPosted by Fluffy MLG 2016-10-15

Please make the levels easier so we can finish it please I mean the x step and SOME others thank you :)

GGPosted by 2016-10-05

I love the music...its hard sometimes, at least for me...I'm not much good at this game, but I like it.

Lags to muchPosted by Carolyn Yu 2016-09-23

I would've gave it five stars if it didn't stop me half way through and take me back to the home page

Pretty coolPosted by J.R. Holcomb 2016-10-15

I wish they had check points on regular mode,but it's frustrating and challenging.thats why it's cool

Posted by 2016-10-04

This is great addictive but awesome i have gone through all levels now and it takes up a lot of space

Good butPosted by joner cupcake 2016-10-04

I like the game it is very esay but i need more challinging levels but i a great game no matter what

I love it but...Posted by 2016-10-11

I love this game but it slows my device down and always freezes and it also drains my battery power

FrustratingPosted by Dawn Moore 2016-10-09

It so fun but it is so hard too and it gets really frustrating at times but I really like it though

Liked itPosted by Kenzie Goering 2016-09-10

The game is so addicting and I love how other people react when they can't play a level but I can

It a good but,Posted by 2016-09-26

There's not enough levels and I know this is just the lite, but I would love it if you update it

AddictingPosted by Max Munoz 2016-10-06

Cant stop. For me its always "just one more try... *dies* okay just one more" *repeat for hours*

Its good!Posted by Mineshka Montero 2016-09-25

Its a really fun and addicting game. It has to much ads though. It would be perfect without ads

Awsome!Posted by BubbleGum Blues 2016-09-27

It's really addicting and I love playing it! The game has so many awsome levels and cool music!

Guys this is fun butPosted by Blaze3542 gonio 2016-10-14

Makers please add more levels and we can build levels or else i'll rate it 1 star. i'm serious

AddictivePosted by Jack Stone 2016-10-06

This is a very addictive game however it can be a bit boring at times . but It's still Amazing

It's goodPosted by Eternal Chaos 2016-09-10

Music is amazing,gameplay is simple but fun and the game offers a great challenge. Great game

Really fun!Posted by Gracey Bons 2016-09-25

This came is so fun, yes there is a couple adds here and there, but I think you should get it

Good gamePosted by Caleb Anderson 2016-10-15

It's super addicting but at times it can be frustrating because of how much skill it requires

Kool and frustrating at same time. I love it!Posted by John Reynolds 2016-09-24

It's a great way to pass the time. And lots of fun. But be prepared to get EXTREMELY ANGRY!!

GreatPosted by Connor Stubbs 2016-10-10

This game is so fun! Keep the updates coming for people who have finished the levels though.

Good gamePosted by Sofia Colson 2016-09-26

Loved it but I am giving meltdovn a chance and they are both great games both great choices

Posted by 2016-09-22

I like it but I wish all the levels come with it instead of having to buy the full version.

Grey Time killerPosted by Elena Welch 2016-10-09

It is a great time killer, but... I actually almost killed my tablet over rage in this game

ChallengingPosted by sonic uzumaki 2016-09-26

Challenging games are my favorite types I love to play.It requires some skill and training

Posted by Becky Costa 2016-10-06

Great game to pass the time, but REALLY challenging and a strain on the eyes after awhile.


just can u do me one favor can u make the full game free plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz☺

Gr8 gamePosted by 2016-09-28

Tbh one of the better block based, fast paced games, a good time killed and rage inducer

Great gamePosted by Super Ashaan 2016-09-24

This game is great to play the hebln you are bored but otherwise it isn't very addictive

AddictivePosted by Angeline Chan 2016-09-10

Is a very good game after all but just a bit too hard but anyways keep up the good work

Well....Posted by Wither Storm 2016-09-23

When will you guys out more levels to this? Like clutter funk? Or ANYTHING!??!!! WTF!!!

IntensePosted by 2016-10-16

This game has awesome sound tracks and great graphics defenetly a game I am addicted to

Little bit of bugsPosted by Crystal Craigmiles 2016-10-14

I love this game but sometimes it just gets buggy and exits out of the game by its self

Fun game!!Posted by itsjulia_ D 2016-09-20

I can play this game everyday it's really fun and addicting and you should download it

Pretty good.Posted by John Payne 2016-09-25

Good game though at times can lag. Cool music though! Nice game to play to waste time!

Geometry dashPosted by 2016-10-11

I like this game it makes you think a little bit and memeorize. It is super duper fun.

AwesomePosted by Heather rutherford 2016-09-25

I love this game so much that I'm either watching people play it or playing it myself

Make more level!Posted by God Of Gamers 2016-10-06

I love this game but it have something that i hated.. it needs more levels like demon

Very funPosted by Lucas Hamilton 2016-09-10

I really enjoy this game, but I don't quite like how the practise mode isn't slower.

FunPosted by Iman Ahmed 2016-10-16

This game is fun to play and challenging. I would like to see more levels available.

Good game!Posted by Derpy Pencil Plays 2016-10-10

The reason I gave four stars is because its a bit to 'ragey' but overall fun game!

NicePosted by Jon I 2016-09-26

Graphics could be better but still so much fun. Please take away some ads though.

Love itPosted by LeadedHen0952 2016-09-28

This is so good too bad we can't make our own levels in this version but is great

Posted by Evelyn Rosales Rosales 2016-10-09

I loved it!! I cant pass the first level though!!!! I imagine how hard mode is...

Posted by James Hallihan 2016-10-11

So much fun and extremely addictive but could be better if you can make your own

CoolPosted by Rachel Carlile 2016-09-25

I like the game and the music plus it get challenging after a while I love this

Hard but fun qlotPosted by Paris Traylor 2016-09-28

Really fun, time consuming and difficult, but overall best game 10 outta 10 lol

Loved itPosted by Ranse to wavy Almenteros 2016-10-15

This is a really cool game just take away the ads and it will be a perfect game

Posted by Murder Machine 2016-10-15

I thought it was a good game but I think you should add maybe a few more levels

Geometry Dash LitePosted by 2016-10-10

It's a great hand-to-eye coordinated game that pumps blood and rushes the heart

It's goodPosted by Karen Fontanilla 2016-10-08

It's really fun, I like it, I have so much fun I recommend it it's soo much fun

Hard af, addictingPosted by Robert Upchurch 2016-09-20

Exactly that. It's hard to get levels down, and each time I fail I keep trying

ChallengingPosted by sonic uzumaki 2016-09-21

Challenging games are my favorite types I love to play.It requires some skill.

FocusPosted by slam cam 2016-10-05

I love how this game gets so edicting and how this game keeps you on your toes

Great!Posted by crazy dog6 2016-09-22

Love this game, although it is almost impossible to play, I love a challenge!

HardPosted by faye galvin 2016-09-21

It wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would be. And that's a good thing;-).

Is spoiled by adsPosted by Lindsey Davey 2016-10-09

This game is very fun and addictive but it is spoiled by ads and a slight lag

Hard but goodPosted by Devin Trull 2016-10-07

Now don't get me wrong it's very good game great music but it's a little hard

HardPosted by Greg Jones 2016-09-28

The game can be hard. I had to do a lot of practice but now I'm really good.

Great gamePosted by N1 K 2016-10-13

This is a great game but it stinks that most things require the full version

Posted by Claudine Masters 2016-10-04

I've been playing this game for awhile, and it really does get you addicted.

Time killerPosted by David Masen 2016-09-24

It's a great time killer and also rating helps me unlocks something so yay.

Awsome but...Posted by Ravit Kamlesh Kumar 2016-09-24

The levels get to impossible as you progress on maybe should make it easier

Posted by Ethan Full Power 2016-09-24

It's pretty good gives you about 42% of the levels of normal geometry dash.

AwesomenessPosted by Kandice Kopp 2016-10-14

It has lots of levels and really enjoyable and a little hard but really fun

More levelsPosted by Dayanara Michell Ramirez Gomez 2016-10-13

They should add more levels, but I liked the songs and the characters, ect.

CoolPosted by Holland Losey 2016-10-08

Super cool game really love it but it needs more levels really soon please.

Great game!Posted by Vince Daliessio 2016-10-05

Much fun. Super addictive. Should have more levels but I don't want to pay.

good gamePosted by 2016-10-14

very good game exempt for a few buggs here and there but overall very cool

I like this!Posted by 2016-10-05

It's really fun and intense.You really have to lock your eyes on the game.

YeeeeaaaahhhhPosted by Ramses Hidalgo 2016-10-15

I love the soundtrack but there should be all the levels so yeeeeaaaahhhh

amazing MUSICPosted by 2016-10-13

I love it its just that the full version should be free but amazing music

Love it.Posted by Lazarus Blythe 2016-09-21

This games tou experiences patrurns and dubatep music that is very cool.

To many addsPosted by CHRISTINA DAVIS 2016-09-25

This is a great game very good music challenging and a great time killer

I think that its a really cool game with all the music playing in the backgroundPosted by 2016-10-11

So i rated it a 4 because its not the best game ever but its really cool

Could be betterPosted by Samuel Inman 2016-10-10

A great game. Fix the lag. Give us the free icon for rating it!!!!!!!!!!

Geometry DashPosted by Adam Tonkin 2016-10-04

It's a great game that keeps you up at night trying to finish the levels

Cool game.Posted by Luis Benjamin Diaz 2016-10-05

At least try it out. It's somehow fun and frustrating at the same time.

It does have to many adsPosted by Tahron Leduke 2016-09-22

Too many ads but the game is fun and it does go straight to play store

Good/badPosted by 2016-10-13

It's a really fun and addicting game the only bad part is to many adds

OkPosted by Kieran Farley 2016-10-13

It's OK would recommend it to people if your bored. Highly attractive!

Pretty goodPosted by Brody Burch 2016-09-26

Really good just can be addicting I'd much rather play clash of clans

GreatPosted by daisy's life 2016-09-27

Really fun and addictive very laggy when I try to open the app though

AddictivePosted by LOL Kingdom 2016-09-19

I downloaded this app 2 days ago and I have been playing it nonstop.

AwesomePosted by Denise Williams 2016-09-27

Great time killer I play it with my friends but it's a big RAGE game

Posted by Saren Villarreal 2016-10-13

I love this game but when the internet is on there are a lot of adds

Simple yet difficultPosted by Adrian Perez 2016-10-12

The first time I played this I thought it was easy but I was wrong.

Luv gamesPosted by Iqbal Naim 2016-10-12

This game is very chalanging and fun to play although play long time

CoolPosted by 2016-10-10

Well if the full vertion didnt cost money id be on it day and knight

Cool gamePosted by Iris Reasor 2016-10-09

I like that has a lot of focus to play the game and beat the level s

Amazing entertainmentPosted by Daniel perez The deep thinker 2016-10-09

As i said it is amazing. My daughter loves it and i love it as well.

ChallengingPosted by Faze Deathanium 2016-10-08

Makes me mad but the more mad u are the better u feel when u beat it

Posted by Jasmine Mattson 2016-10-05

It is an entertaining game, i love it! Its really hard one though XP

The game is cool......Posted by Yostina Ayad 2016-10-10

Like I said the game is cool but can sometimes get on you're nerves

Posted by Jamison Menningen 2016-09-19

It is a good game but customizing is mor frustrating than the game

FunPosted by Kyle Able 2016-10-09

Its a hard game but it's also really fun it great for passing time

It's pretty goodPosted by mark johnston 2016-10-11

It's annoying but it's addicting and I might get the full version

AddictivePosted by Haley Lenderts 2016-10-05

Pretty addictive, one of the best ketchapp games with great music

Love the game but...Posted by Tanner Coltvet 2016-10-16

You shouldnt have to pay to get the other 80 percent of the game

Posted by Reagan Ostrander Ostrander 2016-10-15

This game is very fun to play. I like how it gets harder as u go

Pretty good gamePosted by wonderwolf 83 2016-10-10

I find it a little TOO challenging, but other than the I love it

ChallengingPosted by GamerBlader 27 2016-10-05

Some of the levels can be very hard and I have to keep on trying

FunPosted by Kobe Morrow 2016-09-10

Alot of fun updates come out continuesly to give you new levels

Great butPosted by BOMBY GAMER 2016-09-27

Easy its kinda easy even though i do die but great and fun game

AwesomePosted by Tiago Tafoya 2016-10-10

It's fun and addictive and challenging that's what makes it fun

Posted by 2016-10-09

So cool I like it I hope you guys are making more of this games

Geometry dashPosted by honey promseeha 2016-10-07

This is a great game I just get better and better wow...awesome

AlrightPosted by William Bardsley 2016-10-04

Everything is good but the graphics ruin it # LIGETIMATE though

Epic MusicPosted by Corey Pantano 2016-09-27

It's very challengeing but the music is to good to be true!!!!

Very addictingPosted by Princess Kitty 2016-09-28

I can't stop playing when I'm bored. And the music is awesome.

Good butPosted by Trever Everitt 2016-10-16

It has to let u pick the song for the round that would be cool

Geometry dash litePosted by jasmin puskar 2016-10-12

I really like this game its fun.Jump and fly your way through.

Posted by Tyaire Harrison 2016-09-24

This game is so cool they have done a good job with this game

It is awesome!Posted by Angel Whyte 2016-09-23

Rage, anger, and epic music. That's this game in one sentence

It's a good addicting gamePosted by Fred Ungarook 2016-10-14

The first time I tried it I got the hang of the jumping time

It is awesomePosted by Matthew Carnell 2016-10-05

The music is cool and the levels get really hard which is fun

NICE!Posted by 2016-09-28

Nice visual features and effects. I would like if it was 3D.

Liked itPosted by 2016-10-14

It took a long time to download but it's fun and challenging

Awesome to playPosted by Tyler C 2016-10-12

Besides the ads, it's one of the best games ever played. :-)

Just doing it for icon tbhPosted by Emily Palmer 2016-10-08

Its a good game but you need to make the coins easier to get

Its addictingPosted by Maria Birge 2016-10-05

This is a rlly fun game if I do say so mehself I love it sm!

FunPosted by 2016-09-10

This game is so addicting and so much fun.Way too many ads.

AdictivePosted by alex houston 2016-09-20

So adictive once you pic it up you can not put it down

I like this gamePosted by Jat Wet 2016-09-26

So I had this game already and I was mad cause I was angry

WOWPosted by 2016-10-15

I like this game so much. pls give me all of colors plssss

GoodPosted by Clay LaPierre 2016-10-11

It's not as good as the full version but still really good

Pretty goodPosted by Jay B. 2016-10-07

Well it's challenging and I can't beat jumper and the rest

Great gamePosted by Rasuan Torres 2016-10-06

It's a game that is very addictive and will make you rage.

Good gamePosted by Jorden Shuey 2016-09-21

Its a fun game but it gets boring once u play all levels.

It's okay.............Posted by bizardvark None 2016-09-27

It's OK but it kinda gets boring but a great time killer!

Posted by Petra Finley 2016-09-24

I love this game but it is dificolt to play but I love it

Great way to get rid of boredomPosted by Markayla Lottie 2016-10-13

You could get caught playing this game for hours straight

Posted by Dircon 4life 2016-10-12

Love it just wish I could find a way to change my chacter

AddictivePosted by Jonathan Hall 2016-10-08

I realy like this app and there is so much to do on this.

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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained for hours!

Check out the full version for new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and much much more!

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

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Geometry Dash Lite on Google Play

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